off the wall

In a celebration of nonconformity, the traditional boundaries found in a gallery are deconstructed in this installation. The viewer can touch, feel and bodily interact with abstractions floating in space. In a playful response to contemporary constructs and conventions, all of the art is literally and figuratively 'off the wall'. All participants were encouraged to record their interaction with a passed around digital camera. Over five hundred photos were taken by the public in this maze-like setting. One hanging piece, intentionally all white prior to exhibition, was transformed as everyone added their own artistic expressions.

The many openings in the two-sided paintings were infused with beeswax to invite touch and smell. The armatures were created from chicken wire and covered with handmade Japanese paper. In one piece, titled 'crazy quilt geography' the language of boundaries, psychological and historical, are hand written echoing sewing stitches. The painting process was experimental and freely evolving, wherein each piece is a unique exploration.

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