surface tension

Oh, the webs that we weave, all the while remaining insulated within our own little cocoons. Or the webs of interconnectivity, wherein there is a transformation, a metamorphosis, an evolution of consciousness. The push and pull of these dualities are expressed in a ten foot by ten foot installation of a tightly woven fibrous web suspending organic cocoons.

Reaching out on a diagonal, the public is invited to enter, touch and stretch into the web.
The translucent cocoons were constructed by wrapping wet handmade Japanese paper over wire armatures, creating spontaneous concavities when dry. For the illusion of life, the various sized forms are masked in places with infused bees wax, inhibiting transparency and instilling ambiguity. The web is linen thread that has been dipped in the same wet paper fiber. Strands were dipped in encaustic paints to further suggest a reality.

Standing in the web, the cocoons appear to be in different stages of metamorphosis. Questions of our own identity and how we relate within the social network come to surface.

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