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Mt. Desert ISlandElizabeth Hathaway is a passionate multidisciplinary artist living and working in the Boston area. Upon completing the Fifth Year, a postgraduate program of the Boston SMFA, Elizabeth has appeared in solo and group shows throughout New England.

Hathaway’s multidimensional art is informed by her constant research of global politics, philosophy and science. Her curiosity and humanity are the driving forces. The work visualizes climate change, deconstruction of boundaries and human rights issues. In the studio she lets loose. “I like to break the rules.” Her process is experimental and explorative. Both abstract and conceptual, she often merges painting and sculpture in site specific installations. There is always a sense of mapping, whether in space as in her ten by ten foot web, ‘Interconnections’ or her ‘between space’ painting series. Hathaway’s nonconformity is most apparent in her ‘off the wall’ installation. Sculptural paintings, constructed with chicken wire and hand-made Japanese paper, hang in space.

The work was inspired by physical boundaries, psychological constructs of convention and the divisions normally found in a gallery setting. Hathaway breaks through boundaries, constructs and divisions by inviting the public to interact with the bee’s wax infused surfaces and openings where they were able to physically handle the work. In this maze-like setting, viewers recorded their experiences with a digital camera. Several hundred photos were taken.

In Elizabeth’s latest work, ‘Make Believe’, a series of painting and installation, she becomes more of an activist. World conflict, genocides and other atrocities are the motivation. Hathaway’s work wishes to expose a lack of media coverage, spin and cover-ups. The victims of war, women and children, have always been invisible. Elizabeth’s intention is to create a greater awareness and visualize the art of war’s “make believe.” Questions arise through thoughtful observation. These works create a dialogue challenging our humanity. Through the recent exhibition’s sponsorship with Physicians For Human Rights (PHR), the viewer connected to possibilities of change and positive action.


CONTACT: bethhathaway2005@aol.com

BLOG: betweenspaceart.blogspot.com

STUDIO VISITS: may be arranged at Artspace Maynard, studio 218


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