Constructs of convention attempt to give order to a universe of seeming 
disorder. Value judgments are formed, separating us from one another and
the environments we inhabit. In my painting, I break through boundaries by letting go of preconceptions as each piece evolves experimentally. I release control as various viscosities of paint are poured and projected. Physically tilting and vibrating the canvas increasingly activates the surface. Turbulent rivers of color form tributaries feeding back and webbing into one another. Random patterns emerge, fluctuating different degrees of amplification, oscillating between the layers. My dialogue with paint begins in a spontaneous interplay of temperature and intensity. The conversation is always new; unpredictable; ever-evolving.

painting series

Breaking Through Between Space 1 Between Space 2
Constellation Planet Earth Make Believe


b e t w e e n   s p a c e   a r t

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